Get or Activate ChargePoint Cards

RFID Cards

New to ChargePoint?

  • Sign up for ChargePoint in a few easy steps to get or activate cards when you create your account.
  • In the ChargePoint Cards section, let us know if you need cards and then select the option for us to mail a pair of free cards to your address.
  • Or select the option to indicate that you already have a card in hand and then enter the serial number found on your ChargePoint card to activate your cards.
  • If you have additional cards to activate, click next to Add more ChargePoint Cards and enter the serial numbers found on the additional ChargePoint cards.

Already Have a ChargePoint Account?

  • To activate your ChargePoint Cards, first log in, then go to My Account and then to Manage ChargePoint Cards.
  • Next select Activate More Cards, then follow the steps to enter the serial numbers on your ChargePoint cards.
  • If you lose a ChargePoint card, click on the card you want to replace, select Edit and enter the new ChargePoint card serial number or simply delete the card.
  • To order new or replacement ChargePoint Cards, go to My Account and then to Get ChargePoint Cards to order a new pair for $4.95.